"I would wholeheartedly recommend Jo Haigh to anybody. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her books are a must for any business owner or potential entrepreneur. Jo wrote a monthly business column in a newspaper called The Irish Herald, which I owned and the feedback was always so positive, she was one of our very best contributors. Thinking of starting a new venture or selling an old one? Get in touch with Jo Haigh for 100% peace of mind."

Richard Grimes
Mr, Grimes Finishings Ltd

"If you're looking for someone to help your business along who combines the know-how of hard business analysis, with a vast network of people you need to launch and a great personality, look no further. Charlie's work with the Cambridge MBA and my own personal business has been instrumental. Her blended expertise from her own corporate and entrepreneurial business background and INSEAD MBA means she knows what you need. And never underestimate the importance of working with someone who is genuine and you actually enjoy speaking with throughout the life cycle of your business and beyond."

Jennifer Hersch
Head of MBA Programme, Cambridge University

"Jo has helped me shape the make up of my Board, bring on board an effective Non Executive and also understand and communicate the realities of a Directors responsibilities to my senior team. If you are grooming your business for growth or succession her in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and also her extensive business experience will guide you through what are often one-off, yet critical decisions - not the place to learn by your mistakes."

Chris Short
Managing Director of Fusionworkshop

"Charlie is an amazing source of knowledge, know-how and is one of the most-connected people I know. Charlie was my mentor for London Business School's Entrepreneurship Summer School and greatly enriched my experience and my idea - there is always a great feeling when you can learn from someone like Charlie."

Jonathan Sim
London Business School

"I have commissioned course delivery from Jo for a number of years now. Jo's portfolio of work is extensive and varied. With Jo it's "watch and learn" - she is the consummate professional disguised as lady who lunches. As well as delivering an excellent service Jo is unfailingly upbeat making working with her a pleasure even in stressful circumstances."

Alison Kennedy
IoD Programme Director at University of Salford

"Charlie and I have worked together throughout my 6 years at Microsoft, and now in my new company Mojoe Partners. Charlie was the driver of the difficult but refreshing decision to choose a new platform for Morse's business systems, and was instrumental in ensuring that the whole rollout was a success for the business, demonstrating a high return on investment. Charlie is a real driver who will work hard to get results and will throw herself at any obstacle that comes her way. She will ensure that no stone is left unturned when managing a project, and will look for any pitfalls before they happen, so that the final process is as smooth possible. She is a very frank, open and honest individual who will add value to any business who needs experienced balanced advice on how to achieve success and see results. Charlie is great fun to work with, taking her business very seriously but enjoying life lots along the way. She is a breath of fresh air for business."

Jenny Tomblin
Managing Director, Mojoe Partners

"I used Jo at Bupa International after seeing her on the IOD programme. She brought to life what could have been a very dry subject and was able to amicably present a technical subject in a clear, relaxed and enjoyable way. My Board members all came away with praise for Jo and the bespoke delivery hit the mark."

Alistair How
Managing Director at Bupa International

"Charlie possesses a phenomenal amount of determination and perseverance. She is one of the most energetic, creative and genuinely personable professionals I have come across. It has been a privilege to work for more that one year with Charlie at Atlantic Accelerator, where she became a fantastic mentor and advisor to a number of quality healthcare companies. She is well-networked, highly enterprising and an indispensable asset to our organisation. It is with much respect that I recommend Charlie as she would be an invaluable addition to any organisation."

Theodoros Koutroukides
Senior VP Atlantic Accelerator Ltd